About Us

“shemen laminha” is an Israeli company that manufactures and markets unique products in the fields of medicine, esthetics, cosmetics, toilet and spa products.
“shemen laminha” continues the activity of BEAUTY TREAT (which existed since 2004) continues to produce its formulas and serve its customers in the best way possible.
“shemen laminha” is owned by Nehama Etzion, whose main purpose is to provide efficient service to each customer according to their needs and to produce the highest quality and active product Our factory is located on “Keren Hayesod Street” in the Tirat HaCaramel (close to Haifa). The factory has an Israeli Ministry of Health licence and GMP licence.

Our products integrate scientific techniques with alternative medicine, chemistry with homeopathy, in a unique and successful combination. All our products are developed in our in-house laboratory.
The products are based upon healing herbs, aromatic oils, homeopathic components, vitamins A, E, and C, seaweeds, special materials from the Dead Sea, and other materials, all of them on a natural basis.
Our products are highly concentrated so that they show positive results in a short period of time for every skin problem.
The products are divided into different lines according to skin type, or the type of treatment.
By adjusting the right products to each type of skin, we are able to treat every patient individually in order to maintain and correct skin defects.
Beauty Treat products are suitable for every skin problem on the face or the body, starting from lack of moisture, wrinkles, acne, stains, scars, fatty skin, cuts, cellulite, feet problems, psoriasis and other problems.
In addition, the Beauty Treat Company has a professional cosmetic line of products that are intended for cosmetic institutes, spa facilities, and pedicure and manicure clinics.
The products have not been tested on animals, and we have licenses issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the European CE. We also comply with the USA, Canadian and Australian regulations.
We are now interested in expanding our market presence in the USA, European and leading Asian markets.
Latest product lines

Medicamel– based on the nourishing Camel Milk

Argoil– based on the famous Moroccan Argan oil

Banias– based on the pure melted snow waters from Mount Hermon

Energy- Dead Sea Series– for the treatment of skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, scalp problems and the treatment of wrinkles, skin pigmentation and skin firming.

Eucalipta-a unique line based on Citron and Eucalyptus oil, for the treatment of problematic body and feet skin conditions

“For Hair”– for the treatment of sparse hair, dandruff, sunburned and dry hair, split ends and heavy hair loss.

Petradise– a unique line of products for pets to maintain shiny and healthy coats, based on the minerals of the Dead Sea

Contact Ami Etzion- CEO by emailing her at nechamie@gmail.com